Evaluation of Green Areas in Faculty Areas


  • Gülden Sandal Erzurumlu Niğde Ömer Halisdemir Üniversitesi, Mimarlık Fakültesi, Peyzaj Mimarlığı Bölümü, Merkez/Niğde


Fakülte, Peyzaj, Tasarım, Üniversite, Yeşil Alan.


Green areas have been a part of our lives from past to present. It will continue in the same way in the future. However, the boundaries of green areas are decreasing over time. Green spaces are of great importance for our spiritual and physical development at all ages. It is important to use green space everywhere in private or public areas in urban or rural areas. Green areas are needed in social activity areas. For this reason, creating green spaces within educational institutions and campus areas will increase the visual quality of the space. Considering the space demands that students need during their academic studies and making designs according to their wishes will positively affect the instructors and students. In this study, the subject of design in campus areas according to the needs of the faculty will be examined. Suggestions will be made according to the questions of what should be considered in landscape design according to the needs of the faculty. In this context, discussions will be made on the landscape work of Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Faculty of Communication.



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