Aquafaba as an Emulgator for Spreadable Fish Pate


  • Elif Tuğçe Aksun Tümerkan Department of Food Processing-Food Technology, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Vocational School of Health Services, Ankara, Türkiye


Aquafaba, food additives, emulsified, fish products


Within increasing global population, the utilization of  all the by-product and cooking product of animal and plant based food items has gain importance n both academia and food industries. Aquafaba is a nutritionally-rich, cooking water that left after boiling process of legumes and this product most commonly  sold as dried form commercially. In addition to its nutritional value, aquafaba offers rheological and functional properties in the food products. Emulsified fish products have become popular over the world, especially ready to eat products due to its spreadable form and admirable sensory characteristics. Besides these benefits, water holding capacity  impact on the rheological properties and chemical properties are crucial for storage period.In this research, aquafaba was used as a emulsifier food additives at the 5 and 10 %  levels in emulsified  carp fish product. Control group was evaluated as without aquafaba addition. The proximate composition and  water holding capacity was determined following to production emulsified products. The results clearly indicate that the aquafaba addition improve the emulsification capacity of carp product. The statistically significant proximal differences were observed among groups, especially in protein level. The higher water holding capacity and highest protein level was observed in the 10% aquafaba added groups. The  usage of aquafaba as an emulsifier food additives  has the potential to be used in different food products.



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