Agricultural Biodiversity and the Role of Insect Taxa of Derinkuyu District (Cappadocia:Nevşehir)


  • Aysel Kekillioğlu Dr
  • Ömer Eren Bostan Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University, Department of Biology, Nevsehir


Biodiversity refers to the diversity of different forms of life, species, genes and ecosystems. This diversity includes the differing characteristics, structures and functions of all living organisms on Earth. Derinkuyu District, located in the Cappadocia Region, provides a suitable environment for the cultivation of various cultural and wild plant species in terms of geographical location, ecological - economic structure. This situation allows a rich agricultural biodiversity and various insect taxa can play the most important role here. Conservation of local biodiversity and agricultural biodiversity is of great importance because it contributes to the functioning of ecosystems, the food health of people, the production of medicines and many economic benefits. However, factors such as human activities, habitat loss, pollution, overfishing and climate change threaten biodiversity. In this context; the main purpose and content of this study; is to  analyse  the agricultural biodiversity of Derinkuyu district, which is located in the Cappadocia Region- Nevşehir province, in terms of interaction processes with various insect taxa.



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Kekillioğlu, A., & Bostan, Ömer E. (2023). Agricultural Biodiversity and the Role of Insect Taxa of Derinkuyu District (Cappadocia:Nevşehir). 3rd International Congress of the Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, Malatya, Türkiye, 436–436. from